Beyond Liquid


Hello, my name is Alex

I manage creative and production teams.


My passion is empowering talented teams into producing brilliant work.

I’m also quite happy to get my hands dirty doing scamps, wireframes, illustrations, design, animation, func specs, UX planning, writing code, opening beers or being a shoulder to cry on. Whatever it takes.

A quick breakdown

Where I’ve been

A bit more general stuff about me

I’m a seasoned creative manager with over 15 years international experience working within and leading creative/production teams. I am now based in Sydney where I am head of creative & production at award winning digital creative agency, circul8.  I’ve worked in senior creative management positions at Warner Music International, BeOn,, Goviral and AOL Networks.

My skillset and background combines creative and development disciplines which means I love crafting ideas and creating beautiful experiences but I also know how to execute them technically and write code.

I strategise, I pitch, I design, I code, I manage teams. I find enjoyment in all of these.


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